Week of February 25: PRayer for Austria

Please join us in praying for a new people group or country each week. This week, we pray for the people of Austria

Population: 8,387,491

Largest Religion: Christian

Capitol: Vienna

Official Language: German

Challenges for Prayer:

Austria, a nation of culture, music, art, and beautiful scenery, lies for the most part spiritually empty. Pray for the shell of religion in this nation to be filled by the living presence of Christ. 

Austria's longstanding Catholic culture is in serious decline. Record numbers leave the church every year. Pray fervently for the growing renewal movement in the Catholic Church.

    Prayer guide

    In the Bible, God opens up salvation to people from every nation, tribe and tongue. God is at work all over the world to bring people to salvation through the proclamation of the Gospel. We want to pray for the work of God through missionaries and native believers. Below are some resources that will help. Will you join us in praying?


      Click here for a  link to a list of unreached people groups. Begin praying for a people group or pray for a new one each day. 

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      Click here for a good website that focuses on the unreached peoples of the world. Good information can be found to inform the way you pray for these people groups.

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      Click here for information on all people groups -- not just the unreached. They also provide a prayer calendar so you can strategically pray for all of the people groups of the world. 

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