True Freedom Ministry exists to come alongside individuals who have unwanted same-sex attraction and other forms of sexual brokenness. We provide lay-counseling, prayer, resources, and encouragement as individuals journey toward sexual wholeness and Christ-likeness. We also encourage and support their family and friends. An additional purpose for this ministry is to educate the church and church leaders about the issue of homosexuality in our culture.

God desires that His truth and grace be shared with those affected by homosexuality and other forms of sexual brokenness. God’s truth is that unrepentent, habitual practice of sin in any form keeps us from a relationship with Him. However, His grace is displayed through His invitation to surrender ourselves, our passions, and our desires to Him.  We can enter into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ where He will guide each person in their lives to change them to become more like Him. 

  Through a relationship with Christ where one surrenders their life to Him and follows the truth found in His Word, freedom from the bondage of sexual sin is possible.

For more information please contact Melinda Holloway and Herb Holloway, who are
co-directors of this ministry at Crossroads Church.  

Testimony of Melinda Holloway

Watch below to hear Melinda's story and God's faithfulness throughout it.